Acute Kidney Injury

Diagnosis and treatment of sudden kidney damage, helping patients recover quickly.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Supporting the maintenance of optimal kidney function for patients who have suffered long-term kidney damage.

End Stage Renal Disease

Advanced support for patients with severe kidney failure, including dialysis and transplant evaluation.

In-center Hemodialysis

Regular dialysis treatments for patients with kidney failure, providing a safe and supportive environment.

Home Hemodialysis

Receive dialysis treatments at home, offering flexible and convenient options for their care.

Peritoneal Dialysis

The treatment of kidney failure carried out by using the lining of the abdomen to remove waste products.

Proteinuria/ Hematuria

Diagnosis and management of protein or blood in the urine, which can be a sign of kidney disease.


Treatment of patients with glomerulonephritis, a condition in which the kidneys become inflamed and damage occurs.

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